Sunday, July 31, 2011

Big Announcement

In June of 2009 my sister and I took ownership of our little Scrapbook store in a quaint mini mall in Tuckerton NJ. There we had the honor of meeting Pat and Lee Thorpe, the owners of One Little Spark, a stamping and card making shop. We formed both a business and personal friendship. We teamed up many times to offer classes and workshops that appealed to scrapbookers and stampers alike and you our customers seemed to love our team approach to both crafts. Sadly, the changes our building was going through made us unable to stay in that location. Our biggest regret was leaving our friends at One Little Spark. Our LBI location has been very good to us. We have made many new friends and enjoyed seeing our "regulars" in our new location as well. However, one consistent sentiment has always been expressed by all of you. "It would be great if you and Pat were together again". What you may not have known is that we felt the same way. So, last month we were very pleased to find a space that was just the right fit for both of our shops. Once again, Paper Wings and One Little Spark will be one stop shopping for you, our customers. Our new shop boasts a large retail space, large separate classroom space, and a space we like to refer to as "The cutting room". There you will have access to our Cricuts, Sizzix, and other die cutting machines! We are so excited to be sharing space once again and bringing you the best of both stamping and scrapping materials all in one spot. The new space is located at 603 Main Street (rt 9) in Tuckerton NJ (next to Conway Auto Parts). This is only the beginning. Be sure to check in often with us both to keep up on everything new we'll have to offer. We do not have a firm date for our grand reopening so for now you can visit each of us in our current locations. We will be posting updates on our progress so you can keep up with the latest developments on our blog, websites, and our Facebook page. For those of you not familiar with One Little Spark, visit their website at Thank you all for your continued support of our shop over these past two years. We look forward to seeing you in our new location!
Hugs~ Colleen

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Jen D. said...

So happy you guys are moving back to tuckerton and with pat & lee! I really need to get back to scrapping. Hope to visit you soon in the new location.

Audrey said...

Could be least in the summer. That ice cream place is calling my name.......