Thursday, August 4, 2011

Smash Books

Nora Anne here today with a quick post. Did you get your Smash Book yet?! Not sure what to do with it?! The possibilities are endless you know! I already started my red one full of random memorabilia, cleaned out all my "junk drawers", baskets and bins that are randomly strewn about our home! (yes, I am a nostalgic pack rat of sorts! a collector of all things paper, especially the pieces that have memories attached to them). So, I went through them all and anything worth saving, with a story behind it, I took it and I glued it and I smashed it! I am getting so much de-cluttering done and preserving it all in one place! From birthday cards, to random notes from my mom, to hotel keys, anything and everything ~ it is all being SMASHED!

And I'm having a GREAT.TIME. doing it!

Now for my next Smash book, the green one, one of my online buddies sent me a link to something fun. I am a list maker, always have been, whether I ever look at that list again, I still enjoy making it! So this was the perfect online adventure for me, and it's only $6.00, even better!

Check it out HERE ------->>>>>>>  30 Days of Lists.
Why not join me for 30 Days of Lists?!?! and fill up YOUR Smash book!

Happy Thursday! See you at Paper Wings!